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Combination therapy of tumors

Since it is common practice to combine irradiation of tumours in humans with drug treatment we have developed procedures that works on nude mice xenotransplanted with human tumour cells. The figure below shows an example in which HCT116/GFP tumours responded to...

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Kanceras HDAC6-projekt tilldelas anslag från Vinnova

Pressmeddelande Stockholm 2015-06-12 Kanceras HDAC6-projekt tilldelas anslag från Vinnova Kancera har av Sveriges innovationsmyndighet VINNOVA tilldelats ett anslag om totalt 2,000,000 kronor riktat till projekt som kan utvecklas till nya starka innovationer....

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The true value of a good partnership!

  Urban Hoglund met Ari Tolonen, who is the CEO of Admescope, at the Nordic Life Science Day event in 2012. Admescope is a Finnish CRO that provides Bioanalytical services as part of their broad ADME-Tox service offering. The value of finding the right...

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On Wednesday 22nd April in the afternoon, Adlego Biomedical were part of the Läkemedelseventet 2015. About 50 delegates were present who enjoyed listening to presentations about alternative and innovative solutions to advance the development of potential new...

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Our start to 2015!

As usual, the beginning of year 2015 has been busy catching up with documentation and finalising reports from the studies performed at end of the 2014.  We were also very busy with a number of PK studies in rabbits of a well-known drug which is now to be developed for...

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