As usual, the beginning of year 2015 has been busy catching up with documentation and finalising reports from the studies performed at end of the 2014.  We were also very busy with a number of PK studies in rabbits of a well-known drug which is now to be developed for the treatment of cancer.


The wheels have now started to accelerate and we are planning a series of cancer model studies including mammary (both human and mouse cells), colon, and kidney cancer as well as multiple myeloma and glioma.  Since some time we are also engaged with an effect study of pancreatic cancer. These studies take a whole lot of effort to manage but when promising drug candidates are tested to eventually come into clinical practise it is always interesting.


At the moment we are in the process of starting a pilot study to determine doses to be used in a repeat dose toxicity study, which will start in the near future and we are in discussions about a couple of other tox studies to be started probably after the summer vacations. We are also waiting for a positive answer from an investor to grant development of a new kind of vaccine.


The A-PARADDISE project has generated a few leads, of which we have tested one so far, which after the initial PK study was promising. We are extending the PK profiling of this candidate.


Until now we have only worked with customer driven projects but now we are in discussions regarding participation in a drug development partnership. The drug has been evaluated previously but we are aiming at a reformulation and change of indication for this apparently potent drug candidate. Our task is to prepare the pre-clinical tox studies to support an application for clinical trials.


Adlego hopes that the start of 2015 has been great for you as well.